100 Psychological Facts about humans and Life

Psychological Facts

100 Psychological Facts about humans and LifePeople’s behavior, their way of thinking and understanding of the world, and their activities are not the same. Every human being is unique in his way. Have you ever wondered why someone is the way they are? Is it just that or is there some reason behind it?

If such questions also come into your mind, then by reading these psychological facts, you will get answers to these questions to some extent.

100 Psychological Facts about humans and Life
  1. Happiness, anger, sadness, fear, disgust, and surprise are the 6 emotions universally expressed throughout the world.
  2. People never remember what you told them. They remember how you made them feel.
  3.  Will you ever notice that the first tear of happiness comes from the right eye and the first tear of sorrow comes from the left eye.
  4. Believe me, only 4 minutes are enough to fall in love.
  5.  Wednesday is considered the best day to go on a first date.
  6. The more you hide your feelings for someone, the more it increases.
  7.  It is human nature to ignore those who like them and pay more attention to those who ignore them.
  8.  “You are no longer the same, you have changed”, then it means that 95% of the things that that person liked have changed in you. Nothing else has changed in you.
  9.  Being honest doesn’t make more friends, but those who do make sure are friends.
  10.  About 90% of people write those things in their letter or message, which they are unable to say.
  11. Smart people often underestimate themselves and ignorant people think they are excellent.
  12.  80% of the people talking in the group are complaining.
  13.  Happiness comes from being with happy people. That’s why people like to be with happy people.
  14.  60% of the world’s people listen to music to get rid of their negative emotions.
  15.  Your favorite song is your favorite because you find it connected somewhere with some emotional event in your life.
  16.  If you set an alarm for your favorite song, in a few days you will start disliking it.
  17.  The kind of music you listen to affects the way you see the world.
  18.  68% of the world’s people are victims of Phantom Vibration Syndrome. In ‘Phantom Vibration Syndrome’, it feels like our mobile phone is vibrating, when in reality it is not happening.
  19. Human behavioral studies have shown that a person who loses his mobile feels the same panic as when death is near.
  20.  How much stress levels have increased today can be gauged from the fact that high school children have the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the early 1950s used to be.
  21. Whatever you are thinking about before sleeping at night, it is either the reason for your happiness or you are sad.
  22.  People become more honest when they are physically tired. This is the reason that during the late-night conversation, people accept many things.
  23.  The more one sleeps, the more depressed he is.
  24.  The colder the room one sleeps in, the more his chances of having scary dreams increase.
  25.  A person sleeping with more pillows is feeling very lonely somewhere.
  26. 85% of the world’s people think about the plans before sleeping, which they want to do in their life.
  27. According to a study, creative ideas come to the mind of about 72% of people while taking a bath.
  28. People who spend more time in sunlight are less prone to stress or depression.
  29. People are happier when they are busy because busyness prevents them from thinking about the negative things in life.
  30. Decisions taken when thinking in another language are more rational.
  31. Those who laugh more have more ability to bear pain than others.
  32. Comedians or funny people are more depressed in their life than others.
  33. If you see someone unusually eating food, then understand that that person is very worried about something.
  34. If a person cries over small talk, it means that he is a soft-hearted person.
  35. If you are faced with a person who gets irritated or angry about small things, then understand that he needs your love and support.
  36. Loneliness is not felt when you are alone. Rather, it is felt when no one cares for you.
  37. People tend to believe bad things more quickly than good things. Hearing a good thing about someone, people go to ask that person about it once. But immediately believe bad things.
  38. In the same way, people believe in rumors more quickly than in true things.
  39. If you give your bag to someone while talking, then the person in front takes your bag in his hand without thinking anything.
  40. If a person chuckles at someone in front of you, then understand that he slanders you somewhere else.
  41. Persons who lack self-confidence, are adept at finding faults in others.
  42.  When people are making fun of someone sitting in a group, then they look more towards the person whom they consider close to their heart.
  43. The best way to get people’s attention to your point is to start with something like this: “Well, I didn’t want to say that, but….”
  44. If you are talking to someone and that person is listening to you with his head down, then understand that he is not interested in your words. He is listening silently so that you don’t feel bad.
  45. If a person talks a lot about someone, whether it is positive or negative, it means that he is highly influenced by that person.
  46. You must be able to say “no”. If you say “yes” to someone’s work all the time, that person will not respect you that much. People respect him more, who has some limits.
  47. If a person is forbidden to do any work, then that person first definitely thinks about doing that work.
  48. Apologizing does not mean that you are wrong and the other is right. This means that you care more about your relationship with the person in front of you than your “ego”.
  49. Sometimes a person does not answer something because he feels that the person in front is not worthy to understand him.
  50.  The person who puts his hand in his pocket in the crowd is shy.
  51. Never say “hurry up” if someone is helping you out by taking time off.
  52. The smarter a person is, the faster he thinks and the more clumsy his handwriting is.
  53. The people who give the best advice are usually the ones with the most problems.
  54.  People who try to keep everyone happy are often victims of loneliness.
  55.  After spending too much time with someone, we start adopting his habits.
  56. People who have a lot of guilt, understand other people’s thoughts and feelings better.
  57. Listening to loud music makes you feel calm, relaxed, and happy.
  58. Good morning and good night text messages activate the part of the brain which is responsible for happiness.
  59. The happier we are, the less sleep we need.
  60.  A survey has found that 82% of people feel more confident in approaching an attractive person when that person has a dog with them.
  61. People find him more attractive when he talks about things he is genuinely interested in.
  62. Being alone for a long time is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
  63. Marrying your best friend reduces the risk of divorce by 70% and increases the chances of that marriage lasting a lifetime.
  64. Intelligent people make fewer friends than the average person. The smarter a person is, the more selective he is.
  65. The mind of a person who gives sarcastic answers to absurd things is more healthy.
  66. Research has found that a woman can keep a secret for an average of 47 hours and 15 minutes.
  67. According to a study, spending money on others instead of yourself gives more happiness.
  68. According to scientists, the brain perceives rejection as physical pain.
  69. A 2018 psychology study found that millionaires who own their wealth are happier than those who inherit their wealth.
  70. research has shown that just thinking about Plan ‘B’ can reduce the chances that you will complete Plan ‘A’.
  71. Most of the drivers in the world think they are better than other drivers.
  72. Researchers have found that optimism is a teachable skill. You can teach this to yourself too.
  73. When there is more negativity in thoughts, the immunity of the body decreases.
  74. People who swear more often are more honest than those who don’t.
  75. People who speak two languages ​​unconsciously change their personalities when they switch from one language to another.
  76. Friendships formed between the ages of 16 and 28 are more likely to be stronger and last longer.
  77. Taking someone’s name while talking to someone makes that person like you more.
  78. When you hold the hand of a loved one, you feel less pain and your anxiety decreases.
  79. Our mood does not affect the way we talk. But the way we talk affects our mood.
  80. Clothing also affects mood. Wearing good clothes keeps the mood good.
  81. According to research, the more stubborn the salesmen of luxury brands, the higher the sales.
  82. Traveling keeps the brain healthy. Therefore, those who travel more are less likely to have a heart attack and the risk of depression.
  83.  Crying makes you feel better, reduces your stress, and also improves the health of the body.
  84.  A study found that living near water can make us more calm, happy, and creative.
  85. research has found that our memory can be so easily manipulated that in just 3 hours we can be sure that we committed a crime in our teen years.
  86. bipolar writers Arcnatmk than people who work in the fields disorder ( Bipolar Disorder is likely 121% more likely to suffer from).
  87. Truman syndrome ( Truman Syndrome ) is a psychological disorder in which to find the patients that they are living in a reality TV show.
  88.  “Erotomania” ( Erotomania ) has had such a psychological disorder that affects many people that a famous person they love.
  89. Paris Syndrome ( Paris Syndrome ) is primarily a psychological disorder in Japanese, which they feel that Paris is not like he thought.
  90.  “ Wrap rage ” or “ package rage ” is the anger and frustration when you are unable to open a package.
  91. “ High place phenomenon ” is the urge to jump from a high place like a bridge etc.
  92.  Whenever 95% of the people of the world buy a new pen, they write their name first with it.
  93.  By writing down your inner thoughts on paper, the stress reduces a bit and the mood becomes better than before.
  94.  Married people find bachelors to be happier, while bachelors tend to be married.
  95. People who speak less and talk only about the issue are experts in hiding their secrets.
  96. People who are adept at telling lies are also adept at catching flies. Be careful while lying in front of them.
  97. A person is jealous of you because he wanted to be like you, but could not.
  98. If a friend, relative, or close friend of yours comes to you and asks you to ask something, then at that moment all the bad things you have done in the recent past are remembered.
  99. If someone asks you for a pen, give him a pen without a lid. Because most people don’t put a pen in their pocket without a lid. This way you will have more chances of getting your pen back.
  100. If your friend or partner shows in front of you that he doesn’t care about you, it means that either he doesn’t care about you or he cares about you the most.
  101. If you feel that you are in love with two people at a time and the situation is such that one of them has to leave you, then leave the first one. Because if you loved him, then the other would not come into your life.
100 Psychological Facts about humans and Life


100 Psychological Facts about humans and Life