Aggressive personality: 5 characteristics that define it

These are the characteristics of the aggressive personality embodied in personal relationships.

The aggressive personality is one of the psychological aspects that most influence the social life of many people.

This predisposition tends to overshadow many other elements of the personality of the person who possesses it, making them take a back seat, and by itself is capable of damaging friendships, business opportunities, etc. forever. In addition, in the most extreme cases, it implies danger for those who are usually around the aggressive person.

For all this, it is important to know well the characteristics of an aggressive personality; In this article, you will find a summary of these.

Aggressive personality: 5 characteristics that define it

What is the aggressive personality?

The aggressive personality can be defined in a summarized way as the set of psychological predispositions that makes certain people tend to adopt a hostile attitude or to attack others with relative ease. These attacks can be physical or psychological, compromising the well-being of another person or even making them feel threatened.

On the other hand, aggressiveness does not usually depend on medium to long-term goals that go beyond the fact of wanting to harm a person. So, this is a personality trait that is mostly expressed in social relationships, and it has to do with anger management. However, in some exceptional cases, certain individuals behave aggressively without having anything “personal” against the victim, and attack them only for instrumental purposes linked to a goal of another type: stealing, coercing someone, etc.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that personality traits, although they tend to remain relatively stable over time, can change, either because we strive to change or spontaneously and without intending to. And in fact, those aspects of the personality that are so extreme that they cause problems and discomfort in a person’s day-to-day life can be addressed and corrected by going to psychological therapy.

Typical characteristics of the aggressive personality

These are the main characteristics that help to recognize an aggressive personality type.

1. Problems arise in controlling aggressive impulses

As a general rule, those with an aggressive personality have problems controlling their aggressive impulses, and many times they attack others even if it also hurts them directly. This makes it difficult for them to carry out long-term projects that involve collaboration with other people.

2. The person takes advantage of his reputation as a threatening individual

The aggressive personality is also present when direct aggression is not carried out but is sometimes reflected in threats.

For example, this allows them to blackmail people by insinuating that if something is not done as he or she wants, he will fly into a rage in front of everyone by creating a scene and since there is reason to believe that he will keep his word, The rest conform to your interests.

3. They have a bad time not having a leadership role

The aggressive personality is closely related by frustration to situations in which one is not in control or things turn out the opposite way to how they expected. For this reason, this psychological predisposition usually causes problems when accepting subordinate roles in companies, group work, etc.

4. There is a predisposition to start fights

Of course, aggressive people fall into the provocation and fight-starting dynamic with relative ease. In addition, any situation in which there is ambiguity or it is not known what the interlocutor wanted to express, makes them assume that he is causing, generating fights due to misunderstandings.

5. Discomfort due to regret appears

Although some of the aggressive people do not regret their attacks on others (especially those who fall on the spectrum of psychopathy ), the majority fall into these behaviors so frequently that they accumulate reasons to feel bad about their actions and attitudes. However, that doesn’t mean they always apologize.

Aggressive personality: 5 characteristics that define it

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