How to overcome the feeling of loneliness by connecting with others?

Tips to break that sense of isolation and achieve emotionally meaningful relationships.

The feeling of loneliness is one of the forms of discomfort most seen and addressed in psychotherapy consultations. Sometimes it appears in people who suffer mainly because of their difficulties in meeting people or in achieving deep and satisfying emotional connections: in other cases, this feeling is a consequence of a psychological disorder that makes it difficult to relate well with others.

In any case, it is not necessary to suffer from psychopathology so that feeling lonely should be seen as a serious problem. Therefore, in this article, we will see several strategies to connect with others and deal with the feeling of loneliness.

How to overcome the feeling of loneliness by connecting with others

Being alone is not the same as feeling lonely

Let’s start by defining the problem: what is the feeling of loneliness? In this case, we are talking about a set of negative emotions and feelings (that is, associated with displeasure) that persist in a person’s day-to-day life and have to do with their dissatisfaction with the quality and/or a number of emotionally significant personal relationships. In other words, although in certain specific situations we may “feel alone” (such as when going to meditate in the forest in the morning), in this case, we are talking about an experience that shapes how a person experiences his life in his life. globality and that causes discomfort.

Thus, it should be noted that feeling alone or is the same as being alone, if not surrounding yourself with many people on a frequent basis. There are those who are perfectly happy with hardly any interaction with other human beings, and there are those who feel lonely despite being very popular. The main criterion to define what it is to feel alone is provided by oneself and is unique in each individual.

Thus, we conclude that while being alone does not have to be always negative, feeling lonely is, in general, a problem that produces a greater or lesser level of dissatisfaction. Let’s see what to do to remedy it.

What to do when faced with the feeling of loneliness?

These are several key ideas to keep in mind when dealing with the feeling of loneliness.

1. Take the problem for what it is

Many people who suffer because of the feeling of loneliness fall into the trap of believing that this is the way of life to which they are condemned, something irremediable and that it has to do with their identity and their way of being. Seen in perspective, it is irrational, but it must be borne in mind that after many past experiences in which you have felt frustration, disappointment, sadness, and ultimately dissatisfaction with personal relationships, it is “easy” to get carried away by this idea.

So the first thing to do to overcome the feeling of loneliness is to become aware that no one is predestined to suffer because of it . It is a problem (not a condemnation) to which solutions can be found, and we cannot let this pessimism lead us to self-sabotage or even to try to improve our situation.

2. Seek help

Seeking help is on the one hand an effective measure to get to know people and/or strengthen ties, and on the other, it is a declaration of intentions: it makes no sense to consider overcoming loneliness if we are going to be hiding our feelings and vulnerabilities.

Of course, that does not mean trying to emotionally kidnap others by giving them pity (something that does nothing good to any of the parties involved), but rather giving relevant information about ourselves and our psychological state, and exploring possible solutions together. , having support.

Depending on the degree of discomfort that this feeling of loneliness produces, it is advisable to go beyond asking family and friends for help and going to psychological therapy. In this way, a professional will approach your case in a personalized way and will commit to providing tools to improve emotional management and socialization, and communication strategies and to monitor your progress. In addition, psychotherapy may be what you need to treat possible psychological disorders associated with loneliness: depression, social phobia, etc.

3. Exploit the potential of the Internet

Today, the Internet makes it possible to meet and befriend people from almost every part of the world. Platforms such as social networks, forums, or websites for specific hobbyists are a medium in which thousands of people establish relationships every day. In addition, the fact of not having to start a face-to-face conversation from the beginning makes things much easier, as well as the fact of having profiles in which we can read and write about the interests and way of being of each one.

Of course, be sure to put limits on your use of these digital platforms so that they do not absorb most of your free time or prevent you from having access to face-to-face relationships.

4. Take care of your physical and mental health

Taking care of yourself will not only allow you to have a better image; In addition, it will give you confidence in yourself and strengthen your skills to manage your emotions, something very important when establishing and maintaining functional personal relationships. So get enough sleep, maintain a good level of personal hygiene, stay in shape by exercising frequently, and eat well.

5. Be intellectually active

Exposing yourself to culture will help you not only to better understand the society in which you live but also to know other points of view and have a better chance of finding common ground with others.

6. Listen and care for others

Leaving the feeling of loneliness behind is not just about letting others satisfy your needs to connect with someone; It is a two-way process in which both of you contribute and you can feel useful. So make sure you are there when others need you, show an interest in understanding their points of view, and embrace the principles of active listening. Only if you notice that they demand a lot more of you than they contribute, consider breaking with that dynamic.

How to overcome the feeling of loneliness by connecting with others

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