Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory

Exponent –  Sigmund Freud

 Resident –   Austria (Vienna) 1856-1939

 This theory was given by Sigmund Freud, to explain his theory, he gave three levels of mind which are as follows. 

1. Conscious Mind ( 10%),1\10 part

2. Semi-conscious mind

3. Unconscious Mind (90%),9\10 Part

(1) Conscious Mind-   This mind is related to the present. 

(2) Semi-conscious mind – A mind in which it does not remember anything even after remembering, but when more emphasis is placed on the mind, it (anything) is remembered. 

(3) Unconscious mind – The mind which is not in consciousness, it is a storehouse of unhappy, conceited desires. On the basis of mind, Freud divided personality into three parts. 

1. Id

2. Ego

3. Superego

1. Id 

  • Happiness is based on the principle. 
  •  It is connected with the unconscious mind. 
  •  Sex instinct is the greatest pleasure. 
  •  Idam is associated with lateral tendencies. 
  •  Id, Ego is controlled by Ego. 

2. Ego

  •  It is based on reality. 
  •  It is associated with the semi-conscious mind. 
  •  It has the knowledge of right and wrong. 
  •  It belongs to the humanist. 

3. Super ego

  • This is an idealistic principle. 
  •  It controls on Id and Ego. 
  •  It is completely based on socialism and morality. 
  •  It is connected with the conscious mind. There is a divine nature in this. 

 Sigmund Freud has given two types of basic tendencies. 

(1) Life instinct – It motivates now to gather the means to live. It represents both the physical and mental aspects of the basic instinct of life. It includes Kama, Lust, Hunger, Vyasa.

(2) Death instinct- This basic instinct is also called hatred root instinct. It is related to destruction. This basic instinct works opposite to the basic instinct of life. In this, a person can do aggressive and destructive work. This is called Thanatos by Pride.  

comparing the mind to ice

Freud compared the mind to ice. For example, if ice is put in water, 90% of it remains in the water and 10% remains outside.

  •  90% Part – Unconscious – Unconscious
  •  10% Part – Chetan – Couscious

The state between the conscious and the unconscious is semi-conscious. Freud’s idea of ​​personality is also called the theory of psychosexual development. Freud has divided it into 5 stages which are as follows. 

1. Oral stage – from  birth to 1 year

2. Anal stage –  2 to 3 years

3. Sexual stage-  4 to 5 years

4. Dormant stage – 6 to 12 years

5. Parental stage –  12 to 20 years 

Oedipus and Elektra gland 

  • According to Sigmund Freud, boys love their mother more because of the Oedipus gland. 
  •  Girls have more love than their father due to the presence of eletric gland.

Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory

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