The importance of healthy habits for psychological balance

This is how healthy habits help us maintain a correct psychological balance.

Mental health is an aspect of our lives that does not exist only “in our heads”: it is intimately linked to the way we relate to the world and to others, and also to our own bodies.

In other words, the mental state that we can have at a given moment is not something isolated that arises by itself in our consciousness generating discomfort or well-being, but rather depends to a large extent on how we interact with what surrounds us and with the activities that we carry out, such as healthy routines. For this reason, in this article, you will find several examples of the way in which healthy habits promote a correct psychological balance.

How do healthy habits influence our psychological balance?

These types of habits that contribute to our physical and mental health are also essential to achieving a psychological balance that allows us to live happily and in peace with ourselves.

Structure our day to day

Healthy habits are applied to our lifestyle on a regular basis, giving our day structure, and regularities in our weekly schedule. For this reason, they allow us to organize ourselves and have each of our days or between weeks structured, something that helps us focus our attention on other things that are novel and that do require us to make an effort to decide what to do at a specific time.

Knowing what activity we should carry out and what to expect each day will help us to be clear about our daily planning, allowing us to focus on the important problems or needs that arise during the day without worrying about the routines that we already know work for us. And that prevents us from wearing ourselves out psychologically by always having to doubt how to use our available time.

Sleep well

Sleeping is one of the most important activities for any human being since it allows us to rest at night and recharge the energy necessary to face a new day.

Good sleep habits are based on having a fixed time to go to bed; In this way, the brain gets used to the milestone to progressively “turn off” at the same time of sunset or night.

The importance of healthy habits for psychological balance

Getting about 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night helps us prepare physically and mentally. In addition to that, it makes us less susceptible to stress, anxiety, and problems concentrating and therefore prevents us from being in a very irritable state.

 Eat well

Healthy eating habits also have an obvious direct impact on our mental health and our search for psychological balance.

Eating well makes us less likely to acquire a sedentary lifestyle (due to the lack of energy that food deficits cause in the body) and that prevents us from developing psychological mood disorders.

The importance of healthy habits for psychological balance

Some of these alterations may be depressive symptoms and alterations associated with social isolation and the lack of stimuli and activities that excite us.


Exercising on a recurring basis helps us to disconnect from obsessions and intrusive thoughts that sometimes assail us unexpectedly and negatively affect our mental health.

The caloric intake, sweating, and the release of endorphins and hormones of all kinds into the bloodstream that intense physical exercise makes possible generate a feeling of well-being once it is finished, which contributes very positively to our mental health.

The importance of healthy habits for psychological balance

In addition to that, the relaxation and disconnection that sports activity makes possible help us to acquire other points of view about our problems and allows us to assess them from another perspective without always falling into the same style of negative thinking.

Stay hydrated

As with food, good hydration habits are another of the healthiest ways that exist to achieve a balance both in the body and in our mental health. If there is a lack of water in our body, our stress levels skyrocket and our brain goes into “emergency” mode, something that has a negative impact on our emotional balance.

Scientific research has shown that maintaining optimal levels of hydration improves both physical health and a person’s good mood and prevents various psychological disturbances.


Human beings are social animals, which means that we need the company of other people to be happy in our day-to-day lives and to develop normally.

Socializing helps us to see things from other points of view and this allows us to have a perception of things that is richer in nuances, which helps us not always fall into very simple explanations of what happens in our lives and that can generalize us. discomfort.

Some of the recurring ideas that we can have in our heads and that other people help us overcome can be, for example, believing that one is not worth achieving anything in life, blaming ourselves for everything bad that happens to us, or, on the contrary, having a too high vision of ourselves that does not correspond to reality.

The importance of free time

Free time is essential for anyone since it is the period in which they can disconnect from the worries or demands of day-to-day work or at a social or family level.

Having activities with which to enjoy in free time such as hobbies or hobbies of all kinds helps us to fulfill ourselves as people, and allows us both to rest from day to day and regain strength for the next work day.

Some of the favorite activities that we can put into practice in our free time are both sports and social activities and also hobbies such as watching series, painting, reading, watching movies and playing board games or video games.

 Intellectual activities

There are many intellectual activities that test our cognitive abilities and help us improve our mental agility, something very useful to face the demands of everyday life without stressing you.

The daily practice of activities such as reading, studying a language, doing sudoku, or doing all kinds of activities that require a certain intellectual effort is also among the healthy habits that can improve our mental health.

The importance of healthy habits for psychological balance

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